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Circle of Drum Therapy drumsDrum Therapy offers rhythm and percussion incursions to primary schools and high schools.  We can cater for a few as 20 to 1000+ students with professionally trained facilitators.

We supply all the equipment. The school simply needs to supply a space and chairs for the students.

There are many benefits for schools in hosting a rhythm and percussion event:

  • it aids learning: research has indicated that rhythmic activity helps students with learning language, speaking and reading
  • it benefits the performing, composing and listening aspects of the music curriculum
  • it’s inclusive: everyone can participate.  It is not necessary to have any musical ability.  Everyone’s contribution is as valuable as everyone else’s
  • no mistakes can be made – only learning experiences: no performance pressure , no parts to learn.  Students can try something new without fear within their peer group
  • non-visual: encourages listening and awareness of themselves and the group around them
  • co-operative: the quality of the musical song is directly related to how well the group co-operates.  As group musical consciousness emerges, the benefits of teamwork, listening and sharing become apparent
  • communality: builds a positive sense of belonging to a group with a collective achievement
  • builds self esteem: as students gain confidence in playing and the group song emerges
  • reduces stress: the pulse of the circle, the focus on the moment and the mild physicality all help to release tension
  • it’s fun! Lots of fun!

Students learn without learning and bring these messages and experiences back with them into the classroom.

Staff, P&C members and parents are all welcome to participate in this event.

“I thought it was a great experience for the children, and I really enjoyed it as well. When the children were directed to the drums, I could see the excitement on their faces. Thanks to Robert, he was not only a great instructor and performer but wonderful with the children too. They responded keenly to his instructions when beating their individual drums by hands or by the sticks. When you listened to the sounds of the drums, it made wonderful music. Sometimes, it was very upbeat, dynamic and very strong; other times, it was more soft and gentle.

The performance was certainly unique, and I believe the children loved it as much as we did!” Abbotsford LDCC

A selection of responses from the children at All About Children in Fairlight:

Drum Therapy child drumming“He was funny!  I liked his drums”, “We had fun on the drums.  I like his drums a lot”, “The man was a bit crazy”, “He’s like Batman (as cool and funny as Batman)”, “We like the drums and the drum sticks and the shakers. We love him,” and “It wasn’t just good, it was epic!  It was so awesome but it was so epic and it was good-er.  There was a bit that I liked.  It was like mathematics.  The bit where he was adding more and more animals to the party.  There was like ten. It was so good.”

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