PRESS RELEASE: Drum Therapy and Pioneer Clubhouse announce all abilities drum circle for health and wellness

24th August 2015

Queenscliff-based Drum Therapy and the Pioneer Clubhouse in Balgowlah have come together to bring the health and wellness benefits of rhythm and drumming to the local community.

The Clubhouse will host an all ages, all abilities, adult drum and percussion circle on the third Wednesday of the month, starting on Wednesday 16th September, from 7.30pm to 9.00pm, with equipment and facilitation supplied by Drum Therapy. Entry is by donation to the Clubhouse.

Clinical studies and neuroscience have demonstrated that rhythm affects the mind and body in profound ways. It can be more effective than meditation or yoga in reducing stress and it has been proven to boost the body’s immune system. Rhythm is primarily processed in the cerebellum, often referred to as part of the reptilian brain. This is one of the oldest evolved parts of the brain and, while only 10% of brain volume, it contains more neurons than the rest of the brain put together. Many degenerative neurological conditions typically affect other parts of the brain meaning that a person can still respond to rhythm even if their memory is affected, they cannot speak or have lost some control over their movement.

Nicole Buckland, Operations Co-ordinator at Pioneer Clubhouse said: “Drum Therapy recently came to the Clubhouse and our members really enjoyed the event. We are delighted to welcome adults of all ages and all abilities to the Clubhouse to come together and make music and experience the fun and benefits of drumming for themselves.”

Robert Harris, Director at Drum Therapy said: “Drumming is a very accessible activity that is being used around the world with many populations including those living with mental illness, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, PTSD, MS, ADHD, autism and with survivors of cancer, trauma and acquired brain injury. I invite people from all of these groups, their carers and families, and anyone who wants to experience the joy and fun of a community drum circle to come and join us. No musical experience is necessary.”

For further information about The Pioneer Clubhouse, please contact Nicole Buckland on 02 9907 9999. For information about Drum Therapy, please contact Robert Harris on 0423721828.

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