Testimonial from Pioneer Clubhouse

Some testimonials from a recent session at the Pioneer Clubhouse.  The clubhouse supports individuals living with the effects of mental illness.

” I thoroughly enjoyed myself and loved the way the group came together to create a united rhythm due to Robert‘s amazing capacity to get us in synchronicity with each other using his cowbell and actions that he taught us in the beginning of the class. It was more amazing than I had ever possibly expected and everyone experienced their “inner Tribal” and not one of us left unsatisfied.  Thanks so much Robert!”

“The drumming group was great fun. There was a variety in the size, shape and sound of each drum. We were given a great degree of freedom in how we drummed.”

“Thank you for coming to share your drums with us. It was an amazing experience. Would love you to come back again!”

4 year olds review Drum Therapy

Drum Therapy child drummingMy daughter, aged 4, took me to school recently as show and tell for her classmates.  So, naturally, we had a drum circle, games and stories for 20 pre-schoolers.  Here are some of their reviews:

“He was funny!  I liked his drums”, “We had fun on the drums.  I like his drums a lot”, “The man was a bit crazy”, “He’s like Batman (as cool and funny as Batman)”, “We like the drums and the drum sticks and the shakers. We love him,” and “It wasn’t just good, it was epic!  It was so awesome but it was so epic and it was good-er.  There was a bit that I liked.  It was like mathematics.  The bit where he was adding more and more animals to the party.  There was like ten. It was so good.”

And they gave me a lovely card too.