Team building

corporate drumming team building

corporate drumming team building

In the drum circle, everyone is equal.  There are no leaders, managers and employees and we make in-the-moment music together.  The rhythm and percussion help employees find a sense of trust and community through listening and sharing.  By acting co-operatively, the group relationship is given musical expression.

It is not necessary to be able to drum nor have any musical experience. There are no patterns to learn and all team members can participate.  All that is required is the ability to listen to others and a willingness to contribute something, no matter how small.

Most of all, it is a lot of fun for everyone and everyone is amazed at what they can do when they listen to each other and work together.

Using drumming and rhythm for team building has many advantages over “game” focussed activities:

  • It is a non-competitive, fun, activity – instead of competing in teams, the group is focussed on working together;
  • Everyone can drum – it is an activity that everyone participates as equals. It does not favour physical strength or intellectual ability and no prior musical experience is necessary;
  • To work together effectively, the group must first become self-aware and then group aware. We achieve this with fun, interactive, games. The principle of entrainment in physics literally brings everyone together in synchronisation and in rhythm. This happens whether or not the group wants it to. Heart rates, breathing and even brain waves synchronise and there is a palpable sense of community, belonging and stress release;
  • Co-operation is non-verbal (actions speak louder than words!) and giving and receiving support is instantly reflected in the music;
  • Teamwork is rewarded as a group musical expression of everyone’s contribution, no matter how large or small. Sometimes, smaller or quieter can be more effective than larger and louder.

Whether your company is 10 people or 1000+ and no matter where you are in Australia, New Zealand or Asia, Drum Therapy can design a program to meet your objectives and with 20+ years working in law and finance you can be confident we understand the corporate world and can deliver your cultural message.

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