Events and festivals

drum handsDrum Therapy can supply a facilitated drum and percussion circle for your organisation, festival or community event.  We can design an event that is both fun and supports your cultural message.  Drumming is a great way to start an event or inject some energy into a festival or increase audience participation.  The drums quite literally call people’s attention to the communal beat and promote unity.

A facilitated drum circle uses rhythm to help a team, organisation or community find some space to listen to each other and act co-operatively. It is an opportunity for everyone to make a contribution, no matter how small, to the group musical song. It is not necessary to be able to drum or have any musical training, just an ability to listen and a willingness contribute.

In the drum circle, everyone is equal.  There are no patterns to learn and no mistakes can be made. All ages and abilities can participate including those with special needs.  Fun for all the community from small children to seniors and including all special needs groups.

You will be shocked at the level of spontaneous musical expression any ordinary community can achieve and the sense of joy and belonging that it can create.

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