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malletsDrumming, rhythm and sound can provide relief and benefit to many different groups in our communities.

The list of conditions with a causal relationship to stress continues to grow in medical research literature while the stress relieving properties of the action of rhythm and sound on the brain is scientifically proven and being increasingly used in healthcare facilities worldwide.

For corporate health and wellness programs, please see Corporate Wellness. Drum Therapy offers health and wellness services to aged care facilities, hospitals and wellness-focused commercial and charitable organisations and support groups.  This covers aged care, those living with dementia, ms, trauma, stress, addictions, eating disorders, Parkinson’s, autism, dyslexia, grief and loss, cancer survivors, cardio recovery, liver disease recovery and acquired brain injury.

Please see the drop-down menu for further information on specific health matters (sign up may be required – it is free).  If you can’t find what you are looking for, please get in touch – we would be pleased to be of assistance.

A testimonial from a member of The Pioneer Clubhouse, operated by the Schizophrenia Fellowship of NSW:

” I thoroughly enjoyed myself and loved the way the group came together to create a united rhythm due to Robert‘s amazing capacity to get us in synchronicity with each other using his cowbell and actions that he taught us in the beginning of the class. It was more amazing than I had ever possibly expected and everyone experienced their “inner Tribal” and not one of us left unsatisfied.  Thanks so much Robert!”

Please check out the Sydney Community Drum Circle for a simple and inexpensive way to experience the power of rhythm and benefit a charity helping those living with mental illness.

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