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Welcome to Drum Therapy.  You may be wondering how rhythm can help you, a loved one or perhaps residents in your care or your community or corporate organisation.

After 15 years of playing drums and a growing interest in the therapeutic effects of drumming and rhythms, I created www.drumtherapy.com.au in 2013 as a resource for the science behind the application of rhythm on the mind and body .

My previous career was 20+ years as a lawyer and financier in the UK, Asia, the Middle East and Australia.

My interest in hand drums led me to study in Sydney, London and Havana with some of the leading percussionists of the Afro-Cuban tradition and in the US with leading drum circle facilitators.

20 years ago, the facilitated community drum circle movement was just gathering momentum and interest was growing in the therapeutic effects of drums and rhythms and attempts were being made to measure outcomes in a scientific way.

By 2010, much more credible scientific study had been undertaken on the use of rhythm to provide assistance to people suffering from neurological disorders like dementia, Alzheimer’s and ASD, to help those in aged care as well as those suffering from PTSD, RAD and addictions.

As a former bank executive, the dysfunction of most teams and organisations is all too apparent.  Many team building events are a dreadful waste of time and are often badly thought out and poorly executed.  With the careful use of rhythm, there is an opportunity to do it properly and achieve meaningful, lasting, results.

Hence, Drum Therapy was born:  To use the power of rhythm to serve the varied needs of our community.

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